About Flea Control Auckland

About Flea Control Auckland

Fleas are a common problem in homes especially for those with cats or dogs. They are also frequently found when moving into a home that previously had pets. While fleas can transmit disease, in this country it is very rare. Instead, the primary concern is the distress that flea bites cause to people and pets. Successful control requires treatment of both your property and your pets, if you have them. Find out more about us.

Flea Infestation

Examine pets carefully for evidence of fleas. Scratching, reddened skin, hair loss or dark flecks in the pet’s coat may indicate the presence of fleas. Your veterinarian can prescribe safe products to eliminate fleas from the animal.

To eradicate a flea infestation in your home, thorough vacuuming will remove live adults, eggs and pupa from carpets, upholstery and flooring. Wash all pet bedding and your family’s bedding in hot water.

To make sure that eggs, pupae, larvae and adult fleas are completely eradicated, a professional pest control service should be contacted. Technicians are trained to evaluate potential breeding environments and use safe, appropriate treatments to remove not only adult fleas but those in all stages of development.

About UsMore About Us

Flea Control Auckland offers a call-out service to treat fleas and other pest problems in the home. Our service is fast, effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family and pets. If you would like further advice or to arrange a range a visit from one of our service technicians to deal with a problem with fleas.

Why Choose us?

We stand by our word. You can count on us doing what we said, within the time frame we promised — if not earlier. There isn’t much we haven’t seen before. Our team shares decades of combined experience and is always learning new techniques.

If you think you have a flea infestation, call us today for a free quote!

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