Flea Control Service

Flea Control Service

Guaranteed Professional Flea Control Service. Flea Control Auckland is one of Auckland’s leading flea control companies. We utilize safe, effective and environmentally friendly treatments when carrying out a flea control service. 

The following flea information is a home owners guide to educate consumers about flea identification, reproduction, habitat, flea control and how to reduce the chances of getting fleas in the house. Fleas and flea control has been an issue presenting itself to humanity since the beginning of time. Fleas are highly specialized blood sucking parasites that generally get introduced to the home by cats and dogs.

Flea Control Identification

Fleas are light brown to mahogany in color and roughly oval shaped. Their laterally flattened appearance allows them to move quickly. Fleas are 2-8 mm in length. They have a small head with sawing and sucking mouth parts, and two tiny eyes. Both the male and female rely on blood for their nutrition but can survive for several months without it.

Flea Reproduction

Fleas have a four stage life cycle. 1. Eggs, 2. Larvae, 3. Pupa, 4. flea adults. The complete life cycle from flea eggs to flea adults can vary from two weeks to eight months.

Female fleas use the blood to nourish developing eggs, she will lay up to 4 eggs after each blood meal. Most female fleas will lay 100 eggs within her life of approximately eight months. The flea eggs are oval, white to cream in color and measure 0.5mm in length. The flea eggs hatch when they are vibrated from animal or human disturbance.

Flea Habitat

Fleas are likely to be found where pets feed, rest and play. From late December to late February, I don’t take my dog to the park because of all the fleas evident at the park. It’s the peak of the flea season. Prolonged periods of warm, humid weather in the summer months provide ideal conditions for fleas to flourish.

Flea Control Preparation

Micropest requires Flea Control service clients to carry out a few simple actions before we come around and flea control their house(s) or building.

  1. Mow the lawns
  2. Vacuum all the internal floors and throw away the vacuum bag afterward.
  3. Wash all pet bedding with an appropriate flea wash.
  4. Pick up all unnecessary items that are on the ground inside and out
    as we need to treat as much floor space as possible for successful elimination.

Pest Flea Control

Flea Control service utilizes a treatment called synthetic Pyrethrins when carrying out a flea control treatment. has a residual life of approximately three to 12 months. A water based flea control product.

It treats all the external areas such as gardens and lawns and then all the internal floor areas of a house or building. It can take up to nine days to control fleas because the eggs are impervious to any treatments and must hatch before eliminating the fleas. When the flea egg hatches it lands on a treated service and picks up some Cislin on its legs and when it grooms itself, it injects the pyrethium.

Flea Control Service Discount

 Flea Control Auckland provides the following flea control service with an approximate price. Please don’t hesitate to ring because we do have specials from time to time and we are flexible.

More Information on Fleas

Despite the fact that there are in excess of 70 species known in Auckland very few of these are of importance to man. In fact, the human flea and cat flea are the only ones we normally encounter.

Disease Transmission

Fleas are notorious vectors of disease, particularly plague, but this disease has not occurred in Auckland for over 50 years. The important vector of plague is the rat flea which seldom attacks humans unless rat populations diminish rapidly due to control or disease. Although not common, another disease transmitted by rat fleas, murine or endemic typhus, does occur in NZ. Certain intestinal worm parasites of dogs and cats can be transferred to humans by fleas but as in this case, the infected flea has to be swallowed this method of infection is not common. On the other hand, fleas are a common nuisance to humans because of their blood-sucking activities. Persistent attacks on children are one of the causes of papular urticaria of childhood and the simple cause – flea-bites – is quite often overlooked.

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